Hi, I'm Jenna!

Founder & Personal Trainer

I have been working as a personal trainer for 12 years, and my passion is body positivity, fitness and body positivity in fitness. I am here to show you, and teach you exactly what that means.


I started young in the fitness industry. I've worked in a gym for 16 years and as a trainer for 11 years. 

I’ve noticed throughout my training career, that people as a whole are generally insecure, and hard on themselves. People who are so strong and determined, picking away at their “flaws”. The body is an amazing tool, it can do amazing things, and I am on a mission to help people discover and appreciate the good their body is, and does for them and CAN do for them. I am not your regular personal trainer who is going to encourage you to lose pounds, inches and change your body. I want you to learn to love your body exactly as it is.  

I'm here to help you find confidence & strength; in and out of the gym. This is far more important than the numbers on clothing tags, measuring tapes and scales. We should be exercising our bodies and our minds for our health, instead of for vanity and image reasons. I am a firm believer we are chasing unrealistic body images. I want my clients to measure their physical success by the way they feel, and what they can do. I fear the number one reason people don’t succeed in the gym is because they are chasing an unrealistic or unfulfilling “goal” and so their motivation to continue is lost. Being an active person should be a regular, enjoyable thing, not a chore or a burden.

As a gym go-er myself I have put myself through vigorous workout plans and diet plans. I have strived for the low body fat %. I have been there, done that. I know what it takes for some people to achieve these goals. And when its hard to maintain without giving up everything you love - you give up. You yo-yo. You get down on yourself, gain some weight, and then try again. Everyone should live in a balance that works for them. A healthy, balanced and most importantly, happy lifestyle, where their fitness fits right in, simply

I am anti-diet, I believe in Health at Every Size, joyful movement, and intuitive eating. 

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